Known as “The Sweet Science”

Our boxing program will improve your offensive and defensive punching skills through a series of drills.

Through expert guidance from our championed trainers, you will learn the art of punching with precision, power, and finesse. Our focus lies not only on developing your offensive techniques but also honing your defensive abilities, ensuring a well-rounded boxing skill set.

The cornerstone of our program lies in mastering the proper utilization of essential training tools such as the heavy bag, shadow boxing, and focus mitt training.

With our smart approach to boxing, you will discover the most effective ways to incorporate these training methods into your routine, allowing for continuous progress and improvement.

Step into our spacious academy, where you’ll find ample room to work out and train alongside fellow enthusiasts. We take great pride in our hand-selected champion staff, who bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to the training floor. Their expertise will guide you on your boxing journey, helping you reach your fullest potential.

Regardless of your current skill level, our boxing program is suitable for everyone, from beginners taking their first steps in the ring to advanced fighters seeking to refine their techniques. Our inclusive and supportive environment ensures that each individual receives personalized attention and tailored training, ensuring optimal growth and development.

Prepare to embark on an exhilarating boxing adventure, where you’ll not only build strength, agility, and endurance but also gain confidence and discipline. Join our boxing program today and experience the true essence of “The Sweet Science.”



    “This Gym is where its at if you want to learn all about mixed martial arts! I've seen the team from this gym compete multiple times and they always take the win! The instructors are informative, patient and over all awesome. Its a positive environment and all around good vibe being there, plus you get to meet the Famous Chad "Savage" George! Omg! 10/10 definitely recommend for all to check out!”

    Monica R.

    “Whether you're looking to train mma to fight, learn self defense, or just get a good workout CMMA is the place to be. All of the coaches are amazing and you'll leave every class exhausted but will have gained some excellent skills. This place is like a second home for me. I've been coming to CMMA for over a year and everyone here is super supportive. As a beginner in jiu-jitsu the coaches and my teammates were all patient and were more than happy to explain concepts and moves until I got it right. Chad, the owner, has created a positive environment for everyone from beginners to professionals to learn how to fight.”

    Megana T.

    "I have trained at multiple gyms over the years, and cmma is by far the best gym I have trained at! Chad is an amazing coach who is a master of what he teaches. Easily the best gym in Los Angeles! With the help of the dedicated staff Chad has put together, I'm more confident than ever in being able to achieve my goal of becoming a pro mma fighter. My sister, who has been training at the Gracie academy in Torrance for five years, has just started cross training here and already feels challenged in new areas of her training. Would 10/10 recommend anyone who wants to train in any area of mma to come here!"

    Juan V.