TheIMG_1942 boxing program at CMMA is one of the most talked about programs in the South Bay. The class focuses on overall conditioning and on the technical aspects of boxing, including foot work, basic stance, movement drills, and ring strategy. Focus mits and pads will be used to work with both the offensive and defensive aspects of boxing. In addition, bag work and sparring will be incorporated into the classes. Boxing is great for cardio-vascular, stress relief, strength training, coordination, agility, self-defense and it is extremely fun. This program is suited for all students- those who are just looking for a great workout all the way up to those who want to compete in the ring. Please call or fill out the Intro Lesson Request Form to set up a 30 minute Intro Class prior to your first day!

This class is great for the newer student who just wants a hard exciting workout and those who want to see what the next level is like