The World’s First Mixed Martial Arts Certification Program Launched!

The Zero to Fight program was unveiled February 26, 2019. The program was put together by coaches Mike Hermosillo and Chad George. The Zero to Fight program is the world’s first Mixed Martial Arts Certification program, It’s not just for fighters or a grading process. It’s a course that people study and that is accompanied with a workshop where technique is gone over in great detail. The program ends with a certification testing. I had the pleasure to be there to film the event of course. Going in I didn’t have to much of any idea of what to expect. The only thing I was made aware of was that the program was going to be implemented by the California State Athletic Commission and will be implemented by other MMA gyms around the world. The program covers the very basics from striking all the way to grappling. Everything from boxing combos, Muay Thai clinch control, Wrestling takedowns and Jiu-Jitsu submissions are covered. The program itself last about five to six hours. But there is no shortage on movement and technique coverage so, the participants are always active. Zero to Fight is a program for those that may want to venture into a career in MMA or for those who train in other disciplines and are curious to try out the program. Zero to Fight is now enrolling for a summer camp for kids due to be on July 8th, SPACE IS LIMITED!!!

Written By Erik Reyes

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