A Win At The Metroflex Gym!

On April 13, 2019 Cody Davis, David Secaida, Sukshith Gowda and Roman Gonzales of Team CMMA fought on Knockout Promotions. The event was held in Long Beach, California at the Metroflex gym. All four fighters were able to win their fights, with Cody Davis winning his first Championship title as an MMA fighter. I caught up with Cody and he told me his prospective going into the fight and during the fight.

“I feel good about the victory. There are some things I have to work on, but I feel like I executed the game plan and dominated the fight. Some of the things that were going through my head during the fight were to stay in attack mode and fight for everything. Trying to focus on what I can control. Johnny Quiroz and Chad really helped me out mentally, helping me believe in myself and keeping everything simple Mike is always a big help as well, but it was a team effort overall”.

I also caught up with David Secaida this is what he had to say about preparing to fight and his thoughts on his performance.

“Well skill wise and conditioning I felt great, but as always I felt nervous because I knew it was a fight. But right after Chad did the breathing exercise and spoke to me all that disappeared, and I felt very relaxed. Well during the fighting I felt calm and relaxed. After studying my opponent and realize I know whats coming because Chad was letting me know. My wrestling was good but I should have kept it on the feet a little longer”.

Another great set of victories for CMMA and I’m sure there’ll be more to come.

– Written by Erik Reyes

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