This is the best mma gym ever period. Everyone is here to help you achieve your goals and to motivate into becoming a better person. The level of technique studied at this gym is super high level and we have champions in jiu jitsu, Muay Thai, kickboxing , and mma. There is a place for an absolute beginner and a seasoned professional and this gym is overall the best and affordable. Also I want to mention I lost 20 pounds of fat in as little as 6 months training here without changing diet much so if you want to burn fat this is a great place for you.
— Jason M.

This gym is amazing! I signed up my son to take some classes so he can learn how to defend himself. I’m so happy to have found this facility! We felt so welcomed and it’s been a wonderful experience so far. I love the fact that the children get to experience different types of martial arts at such an affordable price. So far my son has done one jiu jitsu and one boxing class. He absolutely loves it! All of the coaches are really nice and involved. They take their time to help each child and you can tell they truly care. I really have to take a moment and thank Tayy for taking the time to speak to me and answer all of my questions. She’s been so wonderful through this whole process! On our first day she made sure we were taken care of (even though she wasn’t even there!) & even followed up after to see if we enjoyed the class. I’m happy to say that we finally found a gym that we can call “home” (:
— Phuong P.

This is the Greatest MMA gym ever. Coaches and people are great, always energetic and willing to train and help each other out. The pricing is very affordable. I have tons of fun training here, I went in just wanting to try it out and ended up staying.
—Christopher C.

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