Chad George – Owner and head Instructor

Chad is a veteran MMA fighter with over 25 professional fights and a pioneer of the bantamweight division. When Chad first started fighting he had to travel outside the country to fight as it was not legal yet in California. In 2005 Chad fought on the very first sanctioned MMA event in Santa Monica. Since then, Chad has fought for some of the most prestigious organizations such as WEC (now the UFC) and against the toughest opposition in the world. The popular documentary “Occupation: Fighter” was filmed about Chad’s life in the sport and achieved world-wide recognition and awards on netflix and itunes. Still available now.

With Chad’s passion for teaching and a drive to give back, Chad’s dream was to open a gym that he could share his knowledge with the average joe and fighters alike in a family atmosphere where anyone can train and be apart of a positive and motivating family. In 2014 California Mixed Martial Arts was born.



Bellator Veteran
· Formerly Ranked #22 MMA Bantamweight in the World
· 3x WEC Veteran
· 3x Bodog Fight Veteran
· 3x IBJJF Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu World Champion
o Blue, Purple & Brown belt
· NAGA Advanced Champion
· TFA Champion
· FCF Superfight Champion
· BJJ Brown Belt
· High School US All- American Wrestler
· Subject of Documentary “Occupation: Fighter”
· 2014 Cali Fights Coach of the year nominee and finalist
· USA certified Boxing Coach
· CAMO licensed Coach
· CSAC Certified Coach


Adrian Vasquez – Head BJJ Coach

Adrian began his pursuit in martial arts at the age of 7 when he began training in the art of Limalama. Limalama originated in the South Pacific Islands of Samoa and symbolically translates in English to the “Hands of Wisdom.” Limalama incorporates various self-defense techniques intended to unbalance one’s opponent. The techniques utilized include wrestling, boxing, kicking boxing, street fighting, pressure points, knife fighting, and stick fighting. At the age of 16 Adrian began wrestling at South Pasadena High School and once again became interested in Martial Arts. Shortly after graduating high school, he began studying Judo under his former high school wrestling coach Mike Verdugo. Judo incorporates a variety of throws and submissions utilizing the opponents own weight and force against them. After achieving his brown belt in Judo in just less than two years, he wanted to develop a more complete ground fighting game. He came across Compania Paulista Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (originally known as fight factory) and never looked back. Brazilian Jiu Jitsu strongly emphasizes ground techniques and self-defense utilizing locks and holds to subdue one’s opponent. Adrian achieved his blue belt in BJJ in 11 months and his purple belt in just 2 1/2 years. Shortly after achieving his purple belt, he began studying Boxing, Kick Boxing, and Muay Thai. He received his black belt in 2013 in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu under Frederico Sabbatini and actively competes in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Tournaments and Mixed Martial Arts fights.

Certified through the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) .

·      Professional MMA Fighter
·      BJJ Black Belt
·      Judo Brown Belt
·      Numerous Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu tournament medalist
·      Over 200 Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu matches
·      NASM certified trainer


Joe Locicero – Muay Thai Coach

· Has been involved in Martial Arts since the age of 11 years old.

· At 17 he earned his black belt in Kenpo Karate under ISKA and WKA World Kickboxing Champion and current (as of 2014) light welterweight WBO Boxing World Champion Chris Algieri.

· 2007 he began competing in kickboxing

· 2009 was ranked 2nd in the world in IKF’s light middleweight division.






Cooper Gibson – Nogi BJJ / Muay Thai Coach

 · 7-2 Pro MMA record

· 9-0 Amateur Muay Thai

· BJJ Purple Belt

· 2x Gracie Nationals Advanced Champion

· 2x NaBJJF Advanced Champion






Andy Lopez – Wrestling Coach












Sean Choi – Nogi BJJ Coach


· 3rd Degree BJJ Black Belt










Marco Cruzatt – BJJ coach


· 1st Degree BJJ Black Belt










Ron Henderson – BJJ Adult/ Kids Coach


· BJJ Brown Belt

· 2016 Pan American Champion









Chase Gibson – Nogi Bjj / MMA coach


· Professional MMA Fighter

· Amatuer Muay Thai Champion

· BJJ Purple Belt

· Nabjjf World Jiu Jitsu Champion







Julio Silva – CMMA Champs / Boxing Instructor


· Bjj Blue Belt

· Amatuer MMA fighter

· 15 Years boxing & Kickboxing experience








Rudy Marroquin – CMMA Champs Instructor


· BJJ Blue Belt

· Numerous BJJ competition Champion

· UFC bjj absolute champion

· Amatuer MMA fighter






Daniel Collins – Muay Thai Coach, Fighter Management MEZ sports

BJJ Purple Belt



Cameron Thomson – Striking Instructor

Amatuer MMA fighter

Amatuer Muay Thai Fighter



Thalia Hernandez – Assistant Instructor