The filming and photography of fighting is a perplexing task for me. As a videographer of short films, music videos and live music performances, things are in my control. Where as when shooting a Jiu-Jitsu or sparing session there’s a lot of movement and it is unchoreographed. Depending on how zoomed or focused my subject gets out of frame. So, there is a bit of a learning curve, especially when it comes to photography. For one, I am not a photographer or a very bad one at that. Knowing how much to slow down or speed up the shutter speed. The problem at first was that when I would take a photo of for example a roll session.

(Danny Hernandez, April 6, 2018)

Due to the slow shutter speed movement isn’t completely frozen. the shutter speed needs to be increased and another thing that is a problem is it’s out of frame and out of focus the same problem I have when filming. Another thing that I had to learn was that I can’t have the camera on Auto. By putting some of the settings on Manual there’s a high availability of settings to play with and discover. Though for the most part you can find tutorials on shooting sports. Shooting MMA or Jiu-Jitsu is fairly unique and new, there’s not very many tutorials on it. So, I have to learn along the way, and I think I have gotten a lot better. In the coming weeks I will be trying new techniques, lenses, and filters. I will also continue to document my progress as a photographer.(Dominic Clark, May 29,2019)








 (Taylor Alfaro, May 29,2019)



Written By Erik Reyes

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