• 1617 W. Rosecrans ave #F, Gardena CA 90249
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  • Mon/Wed 12p – 9p • Tues/Thur 12p – 8p • Fri 12p –7p • Sat 9a – 2p
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At California Mixed Martial Arts and Fitness, We provide a fun and motivating environment where our children learn the principles of becoming respectful and responsible citizens in our community. Training classes include goal setting, self-discipline and confidence building in a safe, nurturing environment. Each high-energy class students learn exercise, self-defense and create long lasting friendships.

Our California Champions programs include classes to introduce the student to the concepts and techniques of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Boxing and Mixed Martial Art.

The Jiu Jitsu classes are grappling only with no striking. In this class, your child will learn both self-defense and have tons of fun. These classes are performed in a Gi (martial arts uniform) and they will receive belt promotions as they improve. This program is highly recommended for kids and teens as an introduction to martial arts.
Our MMA Division of the Champions program will teach your child how to both grapple and strike. The class incorporates different martial arts into one program. Your child will learn Wrestling, Boxing, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Kickboxing. All classes are performed with all the proper equipment to ensure safety and that is a priority.
At CMMA we make it a priority to instill the seven principles of a Black belt in every child.

• Self Control: The ability to control emotion when faced with a variety of challenges
• Discipline: The willingness to obey and respect authority.
• Modesty: Moderating your actions to avoid attracting attention to yourself. Discouraging boastful behavior when successfully accomplishing goals.
• Courtesy: Promoting courteous behavior and reinforcing polite behavior.
• Integrity: The belief that each child must have a sense of honesty and truthfulness. Every person should have a sense of responsibility for their actions.
• Perseverance: Each child should maintain steady persistence in their course of action when accomplishing goals. In spite of difficulty, obstacles or discouragement, they continue trying their best.
• Indomitable Spirit: reinforce in each child the sense that they can never be conquered or overcome by negative or counterproductive influences.
Free Trial Class